Prosciutto San Daniele



    Prosciutto San Daniele

    The unmistakeably characteristic colour, aroma, and flavour of San Daniele set it apart from other hams. The lean part of the ham has a pinkish-red colour, while the outer fat is pure white. The more mature the ham, the stronger the aroma, offering hints of crusty bread and notes of dried fruit and barley malt. The flavour is also unmistakable: subtle yet deliciously tasty mixed with the tang of cured meat to create a perfectly balanced flavour that transforms every mouthful into a multisensory experience.

    ORIGIN: San Daniele, Italy

    SUB CATEGORY: Charcuterie


    Barossa Valley Grenache

    Prosciutto matches with a number of wines, but the standout for us is with our Barossa Grenache. This combination screams holidays. Fruity and salty, the meat almost takes on an unexpected caramelised flavour.