Our Story

Our wines proudly represent a mosaic of the most reputed grapegrowing regions. They not only reflect our search for exceptional quality, but also the practices that bring out the best in each vineyard while expressing our genuine commitment to sustainability and respect for the land.

We began crafting wines from the world’s best wine regions at the turn of the millennium, delighting those eager to discover new varieties or explore the nuances of regionality through our wines. It didn’t take long for us to realise that in order to make truly great wines that express the best of their region we had to invest in special vineyards and passionate people.

Our devotion to and love for the land grew stronger vintage after vintage, ultimately becoming the proud custodians of our flagship vineyard in the Mornington Peninsula. Appropriately named after one of the brightest stars in the night sky – Capella – its dazzling beauty proved to be the ideal site to establish a winery, where some of our most iconic wines are produced.

Now after a decade lived amongst the vines, we have woven an inseparable connection between the land and the quality behind our wines. We have not looked back since, and today we are proud of having acquired other significant sites in the Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley and most recently Tasmania, which have allowed us to showcase the diverse regionality that exists in Australia, and earn a reputation as a top Pinot Noir producer along the way.

Our winemaking and viticulture team work relentlessly throughout the season to produce fruit of exceptional quality to best express regionality.

Our organic certifications are a testament to our passion for sustainable winemaking, minimal intervention, and respect for the land.

With the recognition of our fortune in managing these sites, we also understand the responsibility we have in ensuring that their terroir continues to speak through the wines we craft with a supreme sense of place.