Native Point Vineyard


About Native Point Vineyard

Our second Tamar Valley vineyard is one of very few on the eastern bank of the Tamar River. We were pleased to acquire this vineyard from first-class growers and former grape suppliers Tim and Sheena High. Having always loved the fruit, admired the site, and appreciated their diligence and management, we were proud to pick up the baton from them in 2019. With its north-east facing hills collecting warmth from the sun reflected off the river, Native Point was a perfect counterpoint to Auburn Road.

Its north-westerly aspect and position in Swan Bay - one of the most intact wetland and bird habitats in Australia – and its location about 50km inland from Bass Strait, make this vineyard one of the warmer sites in Tasmania, with the advantage it has the advantage of good rainfall and irrigation dams aplenty.

The topsoil of the most elevated areas tend to deep wind-blown loamy sands over light to medium sandy clays, while light clay and sandy loam over medium clay predominates through the lower slope.

A mix of Pinot Noir clones were originally planted on slopes with good drainage, as well as Riesling and Pinot Gris. With five hectares under vine, a further five hectares of Pinot Noir and Gamay were planted in the spring of 2020, along with more recent plantings of Pinot Noir and Gamay. Spring 2023 will see the first Chardonnay planted on the site.

The property also sustains a small herd of Black Angus cattle, and was perfectly positioned for an organic
conversion, which culminated with its Organic Certification in December 2022.

Our first Tasmanian Riesling was sourced from this vineyard, crafted in a 700l French concrete egg fermenter before its release under our cellar-door exclusive range Trial Batch®.

Certified Organic & Sustainable

Native Point Vineyard is a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and has been certified as organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

Native Point Key Facts

  • Address:
    Windermere Rd, Swan Bay TAS 7252
    (by appointment only)
  • Geographical Indication:
  • Latitude:
    41° 17’ 49.2’’ S
  • Altitude:
    < 30mt above sea level
  • Varieties [main clones]:
    Pinot Noir [MV6, 828,777];
  • Pinot Gris [D1v7];
  • Gamay [mix]
  • Vine age:
    1999 (Pinot Noir), 2003 (Chardonnay), 2018 (Pinot Noir, Gamay)
  • Trellis:
    Vertical Shoot Position
  • Vine density:
    3030 and 3788 vines / Ha
  • (7487 – 9360 vines / acre)
  • Soil:
    Loamy-sands over light to medium sandy-clays and light clay and sandy-loam over medium clay.
  • Climate:
    Cool with maritime influences from the Bass Straight with prevailing winds.
  • Under vine:
    10 ha | 24.7 acres