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Wombat Creek Vineyard


About Wombat Creek

Nestled in the Upper Yarra Valley, our Wombat Creek vineyard is the most elevated vineyard in the valley, making it uniquely situated for producing premium cool climate wines. It is located in Gladysdale’s hilly countryside watered by tributaries of the Yarra River and 6 km south-east of Yarra Junction.

At 424m above sea level, it is a true cool-climate vineyard with reliable annual rainfall of around 1200mm. Mature Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines are planted on north and west-facing hills. There are 12.1 hectares under vine – 4.7 of Chardonnay and 7.4 of Pinot Noir. The soils are free-draining volcanic loams.

From the crest of the highest hill at Wombat Creek, steep slopes of vines stretch to the north. At the bottom of
the vineyard there is a spring-fed pond covered in water lilies; this is the water source of Wombat Creek, which trickles through the hills, joining Hoddles Creek a few kilometres to the north-west and ultimately emptying into the meandering Yarra River. To the north, looking over dense Mountain Ash forest and folds of green hills dotted
with wombat holes, the blue horizon is dominated by the saddleback ridge of Mt Donna Buang. The surrounding
forest, fern gullies and creeks are home to platypus, lyrebirds, kangaroos, wallabies and, of course, wombats.

A light covering of snow is not uncommon in winter, when the vines are dormant, but the steep slopes allow frost to drain away and protect the tender shoots from freezing temperatures in spring.

Certified Sustainable

Handpicked Vineyards Gladysdale - Wombat Creek Vineyard is a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Wombat Creek Key Facts

  • Address:
    610 Hazeldene Rd, Gladysdale, VIC 3797
    (by appointment only)
  • Geographical Indication:
    Yarra Valley
  • Latitude:
    37° 51’ 46.1268’’ S
  • Altitude:
    424 m.
  • Varieties [main clones]:
    Pinot Noir [MV6, D5v12];
  • Chardonnay [110v1, Dijon-76, 548]
  • Vine age:
    1988/90 to 2019
  • Trellis:
    Vertical shoot position
  • 2600 - 3600 vines/ha
  • (6425 - 8896 vines/acre)
  • Soil:
    Free draining volcanic loam.
  • Climate:
    Cool continental with reliable annual rainfall of around 1200mm.
  • Under vine:
  • (39.5 acres)