Our Team


Chief Winemaker

Peter joined the Handpicked family in 2014, before becoming Chief Winemaker four years later. His familiarity with site specific wines, in combination with the cool-climate pedigree of our flagship vineyard Capella has allowed him to craft wines that offer a true sense of place.

Wearing a second hat as Director of Viticulture, he oversaw vineyard holdings expansion to the Yarra Valley, Tasmania and Barossa, and as a result travels extensively to ensure quality throughout these vineyards and other regions across Australia and beyond, where he oversees grape growers who have become part of the Handpicked family.


Assistant Winemaker

Born in Glenburn just outside of the Yarra Valley, Lucy was immersed in wine at a young age through her parent’s own vineyard.

After years of learning and working harvests both in Australia and overseas, she returned to home soil in Victoria in 2022, joining the winemaking team at our Capella winery in the Mornington Peninsula.

She is passionate about the winery’s positive impact on the environment through its intense sustainability practices.

Ben Bussell Viticulture Handpicked Wines

Senior Viticulturist

Ben is based at our Highbow Hill vineyard in the Yarra Valley, from where he oversees the day to-day operations across all our estates - getting his hands dirty and participating in all aspects of vineyard operations from the ground up.
He focuses on long-term regenerative practices, clonal selection, organic farming, bio-pest control and biodiversity integration into our vineyards among many other exciting projects.

Ben finds enormous satisfaction in working with young vines, training and tending to them until they become proudly established on the wires. He is passionate about organics and regenerative farming and is particularly invested in making them work efficiently throughout our estates.


Vineyard Manager

Born on the outskirts of the Mornington Peninsula, Karl is no stranger to the soils and landscape that he helps shape and protect on a daily basis. Since his appointment as vineyard manager in 2008, he has mastered the art of vine training, having overseen all vine plantings of what has become our flagship vineyard Capella.

Over the years, Karl has implemented and explored novel approaches to pest control, vineyard nutrition, cover cropping, mulching, irrigation, and vine disease monitoring and treatment. He has witnessed the evolution of Capella's soil health, from bare to structured soils that hold thriving communities of microbes and earthworms, which allow the vines’ roots to grow into the rich loams to obtain more nutrients and deliver better fruit.

He was awarded the Kym Ludvigsen Trophy for Viticultural Excellence at the 2017 Melbourne Wine Awards.


Vineyard Supervisor

Anthony is based at our Wombat Creek vineyard where he does the day to day running of the vineyard under the guidance of the Senior Viticulturists, Ben Bussell.

He has welcomed the development of biodiversity in the vineyard and the winery’s organic and sustainable practices.