L'Artisan x Handpicked® Mountain Man


    L'Artisan x Handpicked® Mountain Man

    A washed rind with a slightly pungent yet round and complex taste. Its recipe originates from the Reblochon tradition in the French Alps where Matthieu grew up. Made out of pasteurised milk, it is surprisingly complex in taste and soft in texture. It is a true semi-hard pressed cheese that just happens to be soft – pressing removes the whey early and releases the calcium and proteins so it matures from the inside and there is never any chalkiness in this cheese. Must be matured for at least 6 weeks before eating for the cultures to multiply and be active to give a depth of flavour


    Geelong, VIC


    Wash Rind


    Yarra Valley Chardonnay

    A cheese based on the French classic reblochon, Mountain man is a farmy, gooey delight! The sweet, nuttiness of the cheese, brings out the subtle, nutty texture of the exceptional Yarra Chardonnay.

    Photo: ©Legendairy