Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue


    Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue

    This beautifully balanced blue cheese from the Gippsland region is made by Barry Charlton and his partner Cheryl. Barry’s expertise has been recognized with the highest awards at the World Cheese Championships in Wisconsin USA. The pâté of this cheese is straw colored with striations of greenish-blue mould, It should be moist and not too crumbly. It has a creamy texture and long intensity with definite earthy tones on the finishing palate. A soft, smooth textured blue cheese that develops a slightly earthy flavour as it matures

    ORIGIN: Gippsland, VIC



    Nero d'Avola

    Tarwin blue is a soft and gentle into blue cheese, salty, fatty and gooey. The Nero D'avola is a similar easy-going red, with enough fruit to hold up against the subtle earth of the cheese.

    Photo: © Simon Johnson