Our Team


Meet Our Team

We take winemaking seriously, the rest is fun.

We are a diverse team spread across our wine regions, vineyards, urban cellar door and head office in Sydney. We share a joint passion for wine education, travel, non-conformity, and a strong work hard, play hard mentality.

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William Dong


I always had a clear vision for Handpicked; along the way, I found passionate people who shared my vision and helped bring it to life. My job is to enable and support my team, to provide a spark of inspiration at the right time, to steer us back on course during times of turbulence and to celebrate the wins when they come along.
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Peter Dillon


I oversee all elements of making the wine through to getting it into bottle, so my time is split between vineyards and wineries, and when needed, you find me at the bottling line and warehouse. Given the scope of wines that we have, this also means I do a huge amount of travel within Australia and across the globe to keep a track of where everything is up to. Handpicked’s philosophy is unique, and my job is definitely one of a kind! 
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James Hunt


All wine deserves a home. My job is to connect our wine with the world and find it a home, be that a restaurant cellar in Hong Kong, a great retailer shop floor in Myanmar or above someone’s fridge in Canada….
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Michael O’Brien


I like to think that my team’s role at the Cellar Door is to provide the link between our vineyards and wineries, with an experiential wine journey for our customers.
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Kirsty Hill


I’m a devotee of fine wine who loves wine stories of distinction whilst frolicking in the vineyard. My job is to ensure our customers embark on a journey with our wines, evoking curiosity, delight and surprise in the spirit of our brand. I ensure customers fully immerse themselves in the special origins of our wines – be it from the ancient volcanic soils of the Yarra Valley, the pristine lands of the Tamar Valley or our multi award winning flagship Capella vineyard. Our wines have stories to tell, offering pure escapism to the places of distinction that have stolen our hearts.
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Riswanto Kwok


Our team plays with numbers, spreadsheet, budgets and reports to ensure we are always ready to take on different challenges across the business. I make sure ‘every dollar’ is utilised efficiently; to keep our office, vineyards and production running, and to help marketing, sales and logistics bring our wines to everyone..
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Eddy Halim


I help to ensure all the great things the people sitting above and below me (literally) want to do, happen.
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Ilga Horvat


I ensure the wine our winemakers make, is packaged and ready to go. This means working closely with all parts of the team – from logistics, finance, marketing, export to sales. I love a good spreadsheet, project plan and finding ways to innovate without compromising on sustainability.
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Rohan Smith


Starting life as a classical musician, I learned that interpretation and reflection were an integral part of the job. Taking the intentions and thoughts of the great composers and melding them into music that was poised, stylistic, nuanced and beautiful in every way was all part of the craft. I see incredible synergies between making beautiful music and making beautiful wine, interpreting the intentions of a site, with the soil, the vines and the fruit, all forming the liquid that plays as one from the bottle. 

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Andrew Butler


I work with the vineyard and winemaking teams to ensure we grow high quality grapes that are expressive of our various sites. I am always exploring and thinking about how we can improve our viticultural operations and continue to make better and better wines....