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About La Sierra Vineyard

La Sierra was planted in 2006 as a sister vineyard to La Colina. Site specifics are important here and, though the vineyards are adjacent, there are differences which make their wines unique.

La Sierra is on gentle slopes facing south, so the vines get maximum sun exposure on long summer days, while cool nights ensure good natural acid retention, creating wines of great balance.

The vineyard is certified in the Pacific Northwest’s rigorous LIVE sustainability program. LIVE supports environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing through third-party certification and education. LIVE’s roots are in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and their standards are internationally accredited.

La Sierra and La Colina are both LIVE-certified vineyards. LIVE wines are independently certified from the vineyards, meeting strict international standards for environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing and winemaking in the Pacific Northwest.


La Sierra Fast Facts

  • Varieties and clones :
    Pinot: Pommard, Wädensvil, 667
  • Trellis :
    Vertical shoot position
  • Soil :
    Deep, free-draining volcanic basaltss
  • Vine age :
  • Mean January Temperature :
    18 degrees Celsius
  • Altitude :
  • Average rain fall:
    1200 mm
  • Climate:
    Cool maritime
  • Terrain:
    South facing hills