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About La Colina Vineyard

Planted exclusively to Pinot Noir in 1999, La Colina occupies a hill between expanses of forest. The Dundee Hills AVA is protected from ocean and continental extremes by the Coastal and Cascade ranges and the Chehalem Mountains, but benefits from cooling sea breezes sneaking through the Ven Duzer Corridor on summer afternoons.

La Colina has the region’s famous Jory soils, which are noted for wines of deep colour, heightened perfume, earthy depth and silky texture. The vineyard is certified in the Pacific Northwest’s rigorous LIVE sustainability program.

La Sierra and La Colina are both LIVE-certified vineyards. LIVE wines are independently certified from the vineyards, meeting strict international standards for environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing and winemaking in the Pacific Northwest.


La Colina Fast Facts

  • Varieties and clones :
    Pinot: Pommard, Wäden svil, 114, 115, 777
  • Trellis :
    Vertical shoot position
  • Soil :
    Deep, free-draining volcanic basalts
  • Vine age :
  • Mean January Temperature :
    18 degrees Celsius
  • Altitude :
  • Average rain fall:
    1200 mm
  • Climate:
    Cool maritime
  • Terrain:
    Southeast facing hills