Vacche Rosse Reggiano


    Vacche Rosse Reggiano

    This Parmigiano is produced exclusively with the milk of the rare Reggiana red cow – a traditional breed of the region and considered to be the ‘mother’ of Parmigiano cheese. The milk from these cows is much higher in solids – allowing the cheese to be matured for longer periods and to develop an amazing depth of flavour. It is fruity, nutty, creamy and incredibly even on the palate. The elegant flavours continue to develop on the palate after swallowing. The white amino-acid crystals throughout the cheese are small and even and add a delicious sweet-savoury flavour. The texture is firm and crumbly, but moist and even in the mouth – never grainy


    Emilia-Romagna, Italy


    Wash Rind


    Veneto Prosecco

    To match our red cow parmesan, we recommend our Veneto Prosecco. The light, dry sparkling wine enhances the umami flavours of the cheese and gives a welcome touch of creaminess to the dry, refreshing prosecco.