Brillat Savarin à la Truffle


    Brillat Savarin à la truffle

    Just in case the triple cream cheese Brillat Savarin isn’t indulgent enough for you, we have this version with a layer of shaved truffle through the middle. The characteristic light, creamy interior is complemented by the delicate perfume of black truffles – it is quite a different ‘cheese experience’ and is like eating whipped cream with truffles. The white mould on the exterior is thin and mild; some people choose not to eat it while others really enjoy it. The texture is whipped and soft – not runny, but definitely ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ territory


    Burgundy, France


    Soft White


    Collection Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir

    The award-winning 2017 Mornington Pinot works in perfect harmony with the creamy, mushroom flavours of this cheese. The acidity is perfect to penetrate the rich creamy texture, allowing the fruit to sing.

    Photo: ©Will Studd