Handpicked Wines is signing up to the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program for all its Australian vineyards and Capella winery. Administered by the Australian Winery Research Institute, Australia’s peak wine research and development body, SWA includes a comprehensive program of reporting, evaluation and certification to ensure real outcomes in all areas of sustainable grape growing and winemaking.

“Signing up to SWA was an easy choice for us"

“it’s in line with our organic program and how we grow grapes in all our vineyards. Drawing together national and international evidence and best practice, Sustainable Winegrowing Australia will help us meet our mission of continuous improvement in sustainability. It’s also a guarantee to our customers that Handpicked is meeting targets, not just talking about it” said chief winemaker Peter Dillon.


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Handpicked vineyards & Sustainable Winegrowing Australia

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